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Hi there!

I am Erin Li-Sik and I like to make things.  I started with fashion things - all the things you wear.  Then I developed a passion for home things - all the things that make your house a home.  

I love interior design and have a passion for fabric and good design.  I firmly believe that function and beauty should go hand in hand (all of my dress designs included pockets).  My specialty is playing with color and pattern design. I love how mixing prints shows intention and personality and adds a level of depth to your home that can not be beat. The details are the cherry on top of a good design!

My design aesthetic is rooted in finding a way to meet my clients' needs with a creative and affordable approach. I specialize in window treatments, bedding, and home accessories that add your personal style to any space.  

Ready to turn your house into a home?  Then let's chat.


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